” Changing the world friend Sancho, that it is not crazy or utopia, but righteousness ”
                                       Miguel de Cervantes

educating for change , education for change , education coaching , motivation, entusiasmo


My name is Manuel Zaragoza, after a very fruitful period in the world of architecture and building, I decided freshened to the challenge of “building” social value, accompany adolescents in their own learning process and integral development.

I think I’m known for being one profoundly positive and cheerful, with good communication skills, adaptation, and motivating enthusiast familiar person. I also define as very empathetic, structured and proactive. Another of my business strengths are flexibility, autonomy and professional initiative.

For me the good teacher is characterized by the following features :

He doesn’t  charge, but he attracts.
He doesn’t  impose, but suggests .
He doesn’t  overwhelms, but stimulated, uneasy.
He is not looking to be heard, but to listen .

My educational concerns currently undergoing develop my skills in the area of emotional education, cooperative learning, new technologies and linguistic immersion.

I hope to continue learning and growing every day as a person in this exciting world of education.


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