“True education is concerned not only with practical goals but also with values. Our aims assure us of our material life, our values ​​make possible our spiritual life ”
Mies van der Rohe


Technical Architect at the University of Zaragoza.

enthusiasm, creativity , flexibility , originality

Course “Solar Energy. Applications in Construction ” at the University of Zaragoza, organized in collaboration with the Research Center for Energy Resources and Consumption of University of Zaragoza, CIRCE , Dec. 2007.ía Solar Energy Applications in Construction, bioclimatic building

Course on ” Technology , Quality and Building Pathology ” (12th Edition ) in the School of Civil Engineering , Channels and Ports of the University of Cantabria, Santander , july 2004.Proactividad


Head of Production bioclimatic building residential complex of 160 homes , storage rooms and parking VPA in Valdespartera ( Zaragoza) , with a budget of 15 mill € material execution, and a favorable outcome of 10%. In the construction company nationwide Winterra SA From 2007 to 2009.

Technical Measurements and Budget architectural Olano and Mendo Arquitectos SL 2005 – Educational 2006.



Note: Letters of recommendation available upon request.


Thinking skills , Lateral thinking

Glass galleries in south facades for solar thermal collection and reduction of losses by convection – conduction from inside the house.
coaching education , creativity

Three residential blocks oriented U-shaped 54 flat plate collectors for solar thermal collection , covered in South building, which cover 50 % in demand for hot water .

Photography CONSTRUCTION PROCESS mosaic of bioclimatic residential residential :
meaningful learning
Average compliance environment
boclimática and sustainable building
cooperative learning
constructive learning

Below are three jobs subject to Project Initiation, belonging to 2nd year Architecture Technique College:

Draft EXISTING INTERVENTION IN URBAN SPACE : Plaza de San Agustin , Magdalena neighborhood , Zaragoza .

    learning , self-esteem
Public space third project

self-exigence, trust
Public space project 2/3

limiting beliefs , motivation
Public space project 3/3

    MUNICIPAL LIBRARY Project in the Plaza de San Agustin , Magdalena neighborhood , Zaragoza .

effort , flexibility
Library Project 1/3

strengthen competencies , course repeat
Project Library 2/3

Effective Communication , Effective Communication
Library Project 3/3

Draft DETACHED HOUSE in villanúa , Shire Jacetania , Huesca .

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
Project viv . detached third

Divergent Thinking , Lateral Thinking
Project viv . Detached 2/3

Creativity , Flexibility, Originality
Project viv . Detached 3/3

Note: If you want to see full-size plans , when you come into the picture, down with the arrow keys and the option will appear on the right.

” … Architecture is a masterful , perfect and admirable set of masses brought together under the light. Our eyes are made to see forms in light and the light and shadows reveal the ways . ”
                                               Le Corbusier

Finally , some plans of my Final Project of College Career .

Project Execution: Building 4 homes in Utebo , Zaragoza ( obtained Rated : 7/10) .
Divergent Thinking , Lateral Thinking , Thinking Skills
brainstorming , Alex Osborn Faickney
MENTAL MAPS , Tony Buzan
6 Thinking Hats , Edward de Bono
Learning throughout life, EDUCATIONAL tool.
free and spontaneous play , playful teaching , creativity.

Note: If you want to see full-size planes , when you come into the picture, down with the arrow keys and the option will appear to impose to the right.


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