“We have learned to fly like birds and swim like fish , but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers ”
Martin Luther King


In today’s world of globalization we live cultural exchange plays a key role in our ongoing process of learning throughout life. Undoubtedly, such exchange may develop multiple forms personally thank the Erasmus scholarship , I could live in a very special way.

Since 2009 co live in my home with university students from different countries : Italy, France , Germany , Estonia , Russia, Canada , Finland , South Korea , Netherlands, Sweden , Ireland, Belgium and Turkey , which is still an experience tremendously positive and definitive enriquecedora.banderas

I wanted to hang some messages from my ex roomies , now friends , and I remember loving as a witness . These lines also serve as a new sincere thanks to all of you who have let me be part of your lives since we shared roof , home and experiences in Francisco de Vitoria.

Sofie Nyrell (Linköping , Sweden)

” Well, I’ll tell you a little about my time in Zaragoza, or better on the floor of Francisco Vitoria to be exact !

Sofie2Nunca thought my stay could be as good on a floor with only strangers, but really wrong! I really liked my Erasmus in Zaragoza and this much thanks to my roommates . We did many things together and I really liked very much to live with Manuel and two German Carolin and Denise ( and Milou , of course! ) .

What I liked the floor , was that we always had such a happy atmosphere with very funny conversations . When I had a bad day ( and after a test that went wrong … ) , I felt better looooong immediately after coming home , having heard all the jokes Manuel And when she was sick with a fever that never wanted to leave me , Manuel all the time asked me if I needed anything and walked me to the health center , very much appreciated

SoffieTambién has been perfect to live in Zaragoza to improve my Spanish and this mainly thanks to the floor where he always spoke in Spanish . I really learned a lot and has helped me a lot to speak Spanish with real Spanish every day , hehe

Really miss Zaragoza and all the things we did together and I hope you can come back to see the silly very soon! ”

Cesare Cordopatri (Florence, Italy) Césare

“Dude ! I only have good memories and nostalgia for the time I spent with You on the floor of Calle de Vitoria Francisco ! I miss you .. Marion, Oxana and Tu. I always think of those days with longing And I realize that, but always what I thought, I have not said thanks for welcoming me into your home and , above all, for being a friend rather than a business . Could not expect better pear time I spent in Zaragoza , because you who have those special days. ”

Marie Masset ( Brussels , Belgic )

“I spent the best five months of my life on that floor , there I found my heart friends , my roommates , Silvia from Italy and Eve MarieHolanda . 4 years ago but we are still in touch and see you at least once a year also with Carmela in each country. That’s Erasmus , meet people from all over the world and get to know more cultures . That was an amazing advantage of sharing a floor like that so multicultural ! Like Manu, the owner if I can say that was pet friendly so your Spanish friends and I like that much better practicing my Spanish with them. Life was simplísima , each had their room and share the rest so much . Cristina also my friend came to visit us a lot and it was great to receive so convívale people in that environment. Sometimes cooked pasta baked Italian or Belgian crepes (they are not even Belgian but loved them ) , Spanish omelette etc . It was a mixture of cultures and charm that I share with my colleagues . That stay in Spain and that floor will always be for me an unforgettable experience! ”

Elia Tilley – Pahad (Toronto, Canada )

“One of the highlights of my exchange Zaragoza

I had the pleasure of staying with Manu for the 2012 winter semester . I remember the first day I saw the apartment I wanted to take it right away but was advised to take a look at some of the other options . After looking at more than a very few places, I Decided That Manu’s place was the place for me .

I was taking courses at the Economics and Business Faculty And Also had some Spanish language classes at the Ciudad Universitaria ( University EliaZaragoza the main campus) . The apartment is a 10 minute walk acerca to the economics faculty and another 10 minutes to the main campus. Manu has a very well- planned Organized and cleaning schedule . To this day , it’s still the cleanest and nicest apartment I’ve seen in Zaragoza. Overall I had a great time .

Manu is a funny , kind and a very likeable person. I feel fortunate to had no idea what the opportunity To Have met him and to Have Been able to share his lovely home with him .

Elia from Canada “


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