Thanks for visiting my site!

This space is the result of a dual purpose , first create my CURRICULUM WEBSITE and on the other an EDUCATIONAL BLOG . As Daniel Goleman said: ” today, not the intelligence of people is appreciated , but their ability to communicate with others and with themselves “, an idea that can not be more in the vanguard of today.

The speed and significance of changes in society, its continuous evolution and transformation must make it easier for parents and educators in general , effective tools, information and knowledge to help them adapt to the new reality for proper development of their training task .

More and more people realize that a purely cognitive development, regardless of the significant importance of emotional development, values ‚Äč‚Äčeducation , creativity, education for globalization, education and transform to BE, carries consequences that long-term (and not so long term) are harmful to all. Leaving school early, problems of personality development ( self-esteem, lack of motivation, feelings of failure , depression), many types of violence ( gender harassment through new technologies , etc.). are some of the problems that we are suffering today because of a development mainly focused on education for labor competitiveness .


Given the above, the world of education can not and should not be oblivious to this reality, must assume their share of responsibility, committing and acting decisively within their sphere of influence.

I start this 2014 with enthusiasm and a lot of motivation that I hope is my new business card as an educator and coach to develop my profession with the greatest possible efficiency. Hope you like it and my journey with your comments to improve every day.

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