“The great educational transformation comes by the way of the emotional “
Esperanza Cid Romero


Current occupation:

Since January 2014 Professor of free test for obtaining Certificate in Secondary Education and Adult Literacy , Teaching Team in the Federation of Gypsy Associations of Aragon, FAGA Ong within the project ” Care and support socio- gypsy people “of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality .

attention to diversity , equal opportunity, attention to diversity, equal opportunity, early school dropout

Master in Teaching of Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Education , Arts and Sports University of Zaragoza, divergent and convergent thinking , metacognition , basic skills.

Practicum I and II made ​​in the High School “Tiempos Modernos” on Secondary Education and Higher Training Grade in Zaragoza, under the tutoring of Mr. Juan A. Planas-Domingo, head of the Department of Guidance and President of the Association of Psychology of Aragon.

educational coach , cyberbullying , emotional education , cooperative learning, enthusiasm, motivation, educating for change

Title B2 level of English language certified by the Official Language School of Zaragoza, in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) . Currently preparing the C1.

       bilingualism , motivation , creativity

Intermediate Diploma ( CEF B2 ) in the Immersion Course for Teaching English Language at the headquarters of Menéndez Pelayo International University in Santander( UIMP).


Science Teacher : Mathematics , Technology , Physics and Chemistry and Technical Drawing at the Repasos Academy of Studies in Maria de Huerva (Zaragoza), in the Middle and High School levels . Teacher of the free test for obtaining Certificate in Compulsory Secondary Education.  Teacher in the access degree examination for the Superior Grade of Professional Computer and Communications (2012-2013) .

Professor of Technical Drawing and Trigonometry at Arsenio Jimeno Professional Tuition Center, Zaragoza, belonging to the ” Institute for Training and Social Studies IFES ” belonging to the Foundation for Youth Training and Insertion of Aragon ( ” FIJA Plan” of the Government of Aragón), as monitor of the theoretical and practical part of learning the skills of boilermaker job, 2007.

planning studies , educational coaching effort = reward

Note: Letters of recommendation are available upon request.


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