” It is nobler to surrender to an individual to work diligently for the salvation of the masses”
Dag Hammarskjöld


I firmly believe that real changes in our educational society will not occur if they are not primarily driven by the teachers themselves , although always with the students and in dialogue with all social groups (families, governments , NGOs … ) .

According to the Delors Report , commissioned in 1996 by then President of UNESCO, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, the main challenges facing education should XXI century are based on four pillars :


Learning to learn : learning to know or acquire instruments of understanding.
Learning to do: learn to act and influence the environment .
Learning to be : learning to be people.
Learning to live together : learning to live together .

To develop the latter two , the VOLUNTEER , is undoubtedly one of the best tools . A tool oriented to commitment and action for justice and solidarity.


My personal commitment to the dignity of the people, especially the most disadvantaged youth , has led me to actively participate in various organizations like Caritas , with educational functions in the Parish of San José de Calasanz , and to make contributions and the accompanying DFA dining Foundation.

This attitude of solidarity and social responsibility have definitely instilled in me and my family , with my parents as an excellent example, as the 14 wonderful years of Scouting I’ve been lucky enough to live by the Scout Group Santa Engracia 203 , Zaragoza.


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Volunteer work


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