” Education for life is to educate for a world in which nothing is alien to us ”
                                           Gimeno Sacristan

Currently I am part of the teaching staff of the NGO , non-profit and national, Aragon Family Action , which has been working for and the family since 1978.


My action is part of EDUCA program ” +” in Zaragoza. Participating students , who for various reasons , are disadvantaged in the education system . Nicaragua currently come from Ivory Coast and Colombia , all enrolled in the College Gericó Augustine , with levels ranging from 1 º to 4 º ESO . Our job is to provide assistance, guidance and educational support .

From here I encourage all of you to participate in projects to improve your environment . There are many and varied, as Sir Ken Robinson says only need look “your element ” in this case of voluntary action.

The experience will be profoundly positive . It is a form of social participation for solidarity , a way of approaching the problems of others with an attitude of respect and responsibility towards unjust social structures. To facilitate you finding your scope a very practical and effective tool is the Aragonese Volunteer Coordinator .

Aragonese volunteer coordinator


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